Multiple employments? National Insurance on your private earnings

You could be due a substantial National Insurance rebate.
National Insurance savings are often possible no matter what your circumstances, contact us now to find out how much you could save: If you have multiple employments in a tax year, or private practice earnings as well as your NHS salary, you could be paying far too much National Insurance (NICs).

There is a cap (the annual maximum) on the amount of National Insurance contributions that an individual can pay. The maximum normal contribution for an individual is 53 weeks at the standard primary (employee) Class 1 National Insurance contribution rate between the earnings threshold and the upper earnings limit. 

You could also be in a position where you are over the state pension age and class 1 National Insurance contributions are being incorrectly paid.

There are strict time limits for claiming National Insurance refunds so get in touch if you think a refund may be due –