Formation of the company and registering at Companies House. Advice on the officers of the company i.e. company director/s and company secretary.

Advice on the most tax efficient shareholder structure of the company.

Advice on the legal obligations placed on the company director/s and secretary.

Registering the company with HMRC setting up a company payroll scheme.

Company record keeping advice and setting up accounting record keeping systems, thereby ensuring compliance with HMRC rules regarding record keeping.

Monthly or quarterly company bookkeeping. Advice on the most tax efficient remuneration structure e.g. salary, bonuses and dividends.

Advice on tax-allowable expenditure for the company e.g. salaries, training, motor expenses, medical equipment and computer equipment.

Advice on maximising your personal cash flow by the company paying medical defence subscriptions, other subs, courses, conferences and personal pension contributions.

Advice on employment related benefits in kind. Preparation of the statutory company accounts and submission of these to Companies House.

Preparation of the company tax return form CT600 together with corporation tax and capital allowances computations and submission of these to HMRC.

Advising on the company corporation tax payment required and the due date for payment. Preparation of company board minutes and dividend vouchers.

Dealing with company payroll including preparation of payslips, forms P60, P45 and company PAYE dispensation.

Dealing with HMRC and Companies House on all issues.


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