Advice on becoming self-employed and registration with HMRC.

Self-assessment business record keeping advice and setting up accounting record keeping systems, thereby ensuring compliance with HMRC rules regarding record keeping.


Advice on the National Insurance implications of being self-employed.

Recommendations on the most cash-flow advantageous business accounting year-end.

Advice on tax-allowable Locum expenditure e.g. motor expenses, courses, conferences, spouse’s salary, use of home as office.

Advice on the importance of your home being classed as your business office.

Advice on maximising available tax relief for use of your car for Locum purposes.

Advice on the optimum time to purchase new items of capital equipment to accelerate 100% first year capital allowances.

Advice on contributions to the NHS pension scheme and completion of Locum forms A and B.

Preparation of annual self-employed Locum accounts.

Advice on becoming a GP Principal or salaried partner.

Payroll services for any business employees e.g. partner/spouse.

Early warning of tax and National Insurance liabilities to avoid any nasty surprises.

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