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The rules that govern tax-allowable expenditure are strict and differ depending on whether you are looking to obtain a tax deduction against your NHS employed salary or your untaxed self-employed earnings.

NHS Employment

Legislation states the expenditure must be incurred ‘wholly, exclusively and necessarily’ in the performance of your duties.

As an employee you must be obliged to incur the expenditure and not just choose to do so as this makes your life easier.

By way of an example child-minding costs permit you to go to work and are not incurred ‘in the performance of your employed duties’ and as such are not tax deductible.

Whilst the rules are strict, we have assisted hundreds of doctors in identifying and claiming back previously unclaimed expenses:

Professional subscriptions – GMC, BMA, MDU, MPS, Royal College… Travel expenses between multiple hospital bases. Telephone expenses whilst on call. Specialist education training courses and conferences. Medical equipment. We will put together the relevant expenses claim and submit this to HMRC on your behalf and advise you of the tax refund due. We will also deal with HMRC directly on all matters thereby keeping your direct involvement to a minimum.

Tax refunds can be sought for the previous 4 years so contact us now:


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