• What to do if HMRC sends you a P800

    Every year, HMRC sends out P800 Tax Calculation letters to taxpayers who may have paid too little or too much tax in earlier tax years. The NHS may be the 5th biggest employer in the world, but it is still capable of getting your PAYE wrong, so it is vital that you check the information that HMRC sends you is correct.

    Last year in particular could prove problematic with the introduction of the High Income Benefit Charge (or HICBC) which may impact you if you earn over £50,000 per year and still receive child benefit.

    If you receive a P800 Tax Calculation, the first step is to verify the income figures provided by HMRC, particularly if you are receiving any additional income via a locum agency or as a self-employed GP Locum.

    Next you must check that the deductions are correct, including any allowable expenses that you have claimed for such as professional medical subscriptions, travel expenses or medical equipment.

    If you disagree with any of the figures on your P800 Tax Calculation, get in touch with HMRC or better still give us a call and we will review the calculation with you.

    Any underpaid tax on your P800 may be collected through your tax code, or you may receive a separate letter from HMRC confirming how they expect you to pay. If you are due a rebate, you should receive a cheque within 14 working days of the date on your P800.

    If you hire us as your agent for your tax affairs, we will be able to liaise with HMRC on your behalf to ensure that your tax affairs are correct and up to date, removing the fuss and stress for you. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to see how we can help you by email at Jason@doctorstax.co.uk or telephone 0800 0274533.

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